Zagora – Machining and design produces CNC Machining parts which are professional, customized, high precision machined components using the latest technologies. We take on the challenge of making single, specific parts, dies, and tooling.



Rotational - symmetrical parts such as shafts, axles, etc. are produced on Turning CNC.

Обработване на детайли и матрици
Обработка на детайли - Загора

Single, small and large series of specialized parts are processed with a high precision. Cutting and processing of prismatic - body parts of aluminum, steel, cast iron and plastic.

The processing of prismatic - body parts is performed on a milling machine with the possibility of simultaneous operation on 4 axes and a turning.

Обработване на детайли - пробиване на отвори, фрезоване и струговане - Загора


We from Zagora - machining & design produce the following details:

CNC Turning parts

CNC prismatic body parts


Injection mold tools

Matrix CNC


Обработка на детайли - РСД, ПКД и матрици

We offer:

Zagora Machining and Design Is specialized in professional customized, high precision machined CNC Machining parts

CAM design

Production of milling and turning CNC details

Production of tool equipment

Production of CNC matrix

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