Our goal in "Zagora - Metalworking and Designing" is to establish ourselves in the field of metalworking, to provide quality service in the processing of steel, aluminum and other metal parts.
We are ready to advise our customers, offer solutions, improvements, ideas and personal approach to prototype or specific details.
The company's development direction is towards large-scale production.
"Zagora - Metalworking and Designing" Ltd. has a mission to create jobs in the small town, our team is composed of young people with a desire to develop in mechanical engineering and bring a modern look to the industry of Bulgaria, because we believe in the future here.

"Zagora - Metalworking and Designing" Ltd. is a new, growing enterprise in the field of metalworking, founded and based in Zagora. The company is founded and established in Nikolaevo, Stara Zagora region.
Located on its own 7 000 sqm. Zagora MD partners with major companies and industries, both in Bulgaria and in Europe, in various industries: mechanical engineering, aircraft, shipbuilding, food industry and automotive.
With high-tech equipment and machinery, "Zagora - Metalworking and Designing" Ltd. is a place for qualified engineers, with experience, ambition, desire to work and drive to achieve technological solutions.
It is of paramount importance for us to be fair to both our customers and our partners.

Zagora MD is a member of Deutsch-Bulgarische Industrie und Hendelskammer since 2020.



The manufacturing team are qualified engineers, experienced and committed to achieving high-tech solutions.


Efficiency and good quality are our priorities. What industries are our customers in?


Our main activity is production and processing of metal products on CNC machines. We accept orders for non-standard parts, metal products larger than average and single pieces.
We have the opportunity for both batch and single production.


Our goals are to build a modern and new production enterprise for metalworking and processing of large-sized metal products. We have chosen this region because we believe in the future of Bulgaria and its possibilities, we have set ourselves the goal to contribute the industry and the region.


"Zagora - Metalworking and Designing" Ltd. has the technological capability to produce complex products in the field of mechanical engineering and metalworking. Modern equipment in production allows the manufacture of specific, high-tech parts that require professional training. Zagora MD has machines allowing the processing of metal products with larger than average dimensions, high precision, prototype and single pieces.

"I believe that Bulgaria offers unlimited opportunities, and the Bulgarian industry has great potential"
Zlatina Pencheva


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